Below are some free resources for those wish to go deeper and learn more about The End of Healing and how to find true healing in today’s world.

Dante and the Hero’s Quest for Healing —Free Download of Jim Bailey’s Friday Night Lecture at  St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD, September 11, 2015

End of Healing Reading Group Guide —Free Download

End of Healing Lenten Reading Group Guide —Free Download

Dante and the Hero’s Quest for Healing —Free Download of Dr. Bailey’s lecture at the St. John’s College Graduate Institute Summer Lecture Series in Santa Fe, NM, July 8, 2015

Dr. Sampson’s Health System Seminar Syllabus —Free Download to use or adapt for health professions, public health, and health policy students who want to go deeper to study the original evidence behind The End of Healing.

Enter Dr. Sampson’s “Room of the Giants” —Enter a virtual reality site to explore the Palace Dr. Sampson describes in Chapter 31. Can you find the amazing room depicted on the cover of The End of Healing?

Dr. Don Newman’s Diagram of Healthcare Hell —Free Download of the drawing in the back of Don’s journal he bases on Sandro Botticelli’s famous diagram of Dante’s Inferno

The Healer’s Art —Everyone has the power to heal.  Rachel Naomi Remen, MD’s innovative curriculum helps people rediscover their commitment to healing.

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  1. ginny
    September 10, 2017 @ 7:18 pm

    I was having a pain in my abdomen. I went to my gastroenterologist the next day. He sent me to have a C.T. scan at the Methodist Diagnostic Center. The radiologist called me on the way to the emergency room at Methodist Midtown and said I had acute appendicitis. I told the doctor on staff that was the diagnosis. A team of residents and I assume with an attending physician checked my stomach area. I had said that I had diverticulosis on my last colonoscopy 4 years ago. They chose to put me on antibiotics fasting for 4 days. I was better (they said) for two days but began to get worse to the point where they decided to do surgery. I now have a seven inch scar, no belly button, and a bulge above my belly button. I feel that if they had taken the advice of the radiologist at the diagnostic center, they would have proceeded right away with an appendectomy. I have the results described that weren’t necessary.


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