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  • Medical Truth and Fiction
  • Health Care Ethics
  • The Titan Healthcare Industries
    • Insurance
    • Pharmacy
    • Diagnostics
    • Hospital
  • New Models of Care
  • High Value Health Care
  • Building Healthy Communities

Keynote Presentations

Remembering the End of Healing

In this informative presentation, Jim Bailey explores healing and the search for wholeness in America. Dr. Bailey uses Dante’s Divine Comedy as a allegory for modern healthcare and patient stories to guide participants safely through the minefields of modern medicine to find true healing in the modern world.

Heroic Healers, Then and Now – Is Dr. Don Newman the Healing Hero We Need for Today?

Jim Bailey offers a revealing look at heroic healers from the past and present as they are depicted in The End of Healing. He helps us recognize the heroic healers all around us, and how people can serve as true healers for one another. He explores whether Dr. Don Newman in The End of Healing is the kind of healer we need most.

Telling the Truth About American Healthcare Through Fiction

Jim Bailey discusses The End of Healing, which “narrates the journey of a young healer into the depths of a modern healthcare hell that parallels the path taken by Dante Alighieri through his Inferno 700 years ago.” He shows how stories can heal and how they can help us reclaim our health and healthcare resources.

Follow the Money

Jim Bailey cuts through the rhetoric and reveals of the health care best proven to contribute to abundant life. This presentation reviews where Americans really put their faith and invest their healthcare dollars and what they get for their money. Using the framework of Dante’s Inferno he reveals what good stewardship of our health and healthcare resources really looks like.

Insurance Salesmen

In this informative presentation, Jim Bailey reviews the aims of health insurance. He draws on examples from history and literature, starting with the experience of early Christian communities as described in the “Book of Acts.” He discusses where modern approaches to insurance can fall short and offers choices for insurance that can support true healing in America.

The Drug Pushers

Jim Bailey discusses the promise of pharmacy and the history of healing through potions, pills, and snake oil. He uses Jesus’ second temptation in the Bible as an example to show how the pursuit of “miracle” can go wrong. He reveals both the hope and the hype behind placebos, acupuncture, and faith healing and offers choices for the healing of America.

Image Makers

Jim Bailey discusses the purpose and use of diagnosis in healing. He offers the ancient symbol of Moses’ brazen serpent as allegory for the path to healing. He reviews the history of the diagnostic industries and our insatiable desire to see with reference to the disciple Thomas as portrayed in the Bible. He concludes by considering traditional medicine’s approach to diagnosis and the contributions various diagnostic methods can make to the healing of America.

The Sick Care Business

Jim Bailey reviews the aims and history of the hospital starting with the Knight Hospitaliers of St. John and the role of early pilgrim hospitals. He uses the Biblical Jesus’ miracle at the pool of Bethesda as a key example and discusses what the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland have accomplished. He concludes by considering whether traditional medicine’s hospital centric approach can lead to the true healing of America.

The Healthy City

Jim Bailey reviews the history of human health through the ages and humanity’s eternal quest for “the healthy city.” He offers a vision of hope for the healing of America, reviewing industrial giants whose time has past, and revealing what the ideal health system of the future will look like and the new health care industries that will lead us closer to a new Jerusalem. Participants discuss how to build healthy communities and find wholeness in America.

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